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At, you get a one-stop solution for all your evaluation, testing and training requirements.

Training Companies, Teachers & Trainers
  • Conduct any Training with all the necessary tools (communication, study material, evaluation) and materials in one place. Whether you are a training company or an independent trainer, TestCone can help irrespective of whether the training is academic or vocational, live or offline. With Zoom integrated, creating live sessions was never easier.
Practice makes Perfect
  • Practicing with the right tools in the right way aids learning. Aspirants of standardized tests and students alike can benefit from the vast marketplace of quiz tests created by top industry experts. With detailed explanations provided for questions aided by other material/web resources, you can keep learning while practicing.
Acquiring a new skill
  • Acquiring a new skill was never so easy and seamless. Join a training of your choice to meet the professional goals you have set. You can also learn other things with one-on-one or one-to-many learning setups based on your needs.
Hiring & Employee Evaluations
  • Hiring is a complex beast. One of the things that companies are leaning more and more towards is evaluating the candidates they are about to hire to ensure they are covering all bases. With a question bank at your disposal, setting up a skill-based online quiz/exam is so easy. With over 25 plus configuration settings, a custom quiz is always possible. Send test invitations as needed and get instant coverage of the test results with detailed analysis.
Subject-matter experts
  • If you are a subject-matter expert in any field, create your own test bundles and put a price tag on these. Make money sitting at home while your bundles are being bought by people around the globe.

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